The rug dyed with natural colors always have pleasant fragrances, which can satisfy every style. The colors you see in rugs are derived from plants, minerals or even insects, from living nature. That’s why they can produce the most luminous, warm and somber shades. It’s the beauty of blending colors that creates a harmonious composition that makes Persian rugs so enchanting, and the meaning that each one bring with it, gives life to them. It may not be wrong to say Persian rugs will bring nature into your home.

Dying with natural colors needs more time, accuracy and skills. First, fiber should be washed then dipped into a hot solution of alum or iron in order to prepare them to bond with dye. In the next stage wool fibers are placed inside a vessel containing hot dye and are heated for a specific time depending on the dye and the shade desired.

The materials from which dyes are made are vary depending on the area that the rug is woven. However, usually, fresh walnut skin is used to obtain green color, pomegranate skin for red color, blackberry for violet and chaff for yellow.

In some areas, even insects are used to produce dye. There is an insect like lady beetle which lives on the fig tree. This insect secretes a gum-like substance than covers all branches. After a while, this substance becomes hard. Then dyers separate the gum with the insects in it and make red color by boiling this material.  


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