In motif of Persian rugs leis a tale as old as human history. From the time when our ancestors portrayed their reality by painting on the walls of caves and today weavers weave the same motif.
Have you ever thought what motivated our ancestors to start drawing? Although there is no definite answer, scientists claim these pictures are part of a ritual! There is quite a bit of evidence in support of this hypothesis. For example, many caves that were never inhabited by people, being used only for art. Maybe ancient people just went there to portray their inner feeling, their wish to immortality and spirituality, their dream of power and fertility and their need to love. All the things that everyone in this world wants with all his heart. It is true that today we live in a modern society but we have the same needs as ever: protection, warmth, food, love and children.
Painting on the walls of caves was before writing words. That’s why ancient people used some symbols to talk about their fundamental needs. Some of them are universal and are encoded in the very cells of our species' DNA, and some others are culture-wide. Maybe it’s not wrong to say that they are the international language among the peoples of the world, and despite their simplicity, have deep meaning. That’s why they are still used to this day. You can see them in Motifs of rugs in floral patterns or in scheme of bird or a tree that represent the direct path to heaven. Each one has a world of words.

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