About us


I am Hesam, the CEO of RizoRox company which is one of the main suppliers of handmade Oriental rugs especially Persian rugs in the United States. RizoRox provides varieties of Persian hand knotted Rugs and Kilims in bulk to merchants, warehouse owners, carpet stores, home decoration shops and interior designers as well as online retail for the customers throughout the world with the best prices and conditions under registered brand name of "HeSamCrafts".

You can also see our products on our eBay and Amazon storefronts.  

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Like most of my family, I’ve always have interest in arts and crafts. Because of my personal interest in traditional craft throughout my childhood, I decided to establish a company in which I can export authentic Persian rugs all over the world.  And today, after years of experience, I am glad that I can assist my customers to access the authentic rugs that are woven by skilled artists, in the land which has long been the cradle of rug. And help my clients bring the perfect vintage look to their decor with traditional rugs in a variety of colors, styles, and sizes.

 Our goal is to connect you to the resources you need to improve your home, so we have provided the conditions for your comfort to have easy shopping. You can easily search and shop for rugs at your home by any variation of style, theme, color, size, shape, material and price. And we’ll deliver them to you to any address all over the world. We aim to make your next rug purchase a pleasant and enjoyable experience.

The convenient shopping isn't the only thing we care about. As an online retailer, we know that buying a rug online can be a new experience, so we constantly strive to provide the highest level of customer service and aim to ensure that you are fully supported in every aspect of your purchase and sale of our rugs. We believe the shortcut to success is to gain mutual satisfaction among artists, customers and our team. To make this happen, we have to ensure the quality of our products.